Virtual Joust is a hitorical jousting game that the Higgins Armory Museum commissioned from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It was created by a team of two proffessors (Prof. Brian Moriarty and Prof. Brit Snyder) and three students (Alfreda Smith, Chris Chung, and Cordell Zebrose). It is part of the Higgins Armory Museum's Jousting Exhibit. The game takes input from a lance and bridle. The lance input is read by a system containing IR LEDs and a WiiMote. The bridle uses an arduino and a two-axis tilt sensor. The experience was designed similar to a movie, where the user is guided through the game in a short period of time.

Space Defense is a 3D tower defense game in space. It was written in Unity under the free license in 2010. There are instructions along the left side of the page. It was designed by Jesse Stern and programmed by Cordell Zebrose. We never got a dedicated artist, so the game is using the standard Unity asset package.
Fractal is an adventure game set in a spinning space station. This is a 3 dimensional flash game. The files are large and so may take several minutes to load. The sound may not be the best, so feel free to mute, you won't miss too much. Solve the puzzles and discover what happened to the spaceship. Developed by 3 person team in 2009 as part of a WPI course.